What Are Plug-Ins?
Plug-in applications are programs that can easily be installed and used as part of your Web browser.  A plug-in application is recognized automatically by the browser and its function is integrated into the main HTML file that is being presented.

Among popular plug-ins to download are RealNetworks' streaming video player, and Macromedia's Shockwave for DIrector, an interactive animation and sound player. There are now hundreds of possible plug-ins.  Most users wait until they need a particular plug-in before they download it.

Macromedia Web Players
This page provides free downloads of all current Macromedia Web players including:

  • Shockwave Player

  • Flash Player

  • Authorware Player

Free RealOne Player
The free RealOne Player features the latest media player, music jukebox, and a built-in media browser to play the widest variety of streaming media formats on the Web.
Free QuickTimePlayer
The free QuickTime Player is an easy-to-use application for playing, interacting with or viewing video, audio, VR or graphics files.
Windows Media Player
Microsoft® Windows Media™ Plug-in is fueling a revolution in how news, information, and entertainment is distributed and experienced.
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